How We Roll

We love the world. Experience it with us.

Owner Kevin Kirby has always loved people. When he opened Stone City Saloon, he wanted it to be the renaissance man. A cool gathering place that celebrates diverse people, cultures, music, and food. It's a big world out there. Great people exist everywhere. There's amazing music and food in every corner of this big rock we live on. 

Now, for what we believe is a world first concept - we're excited to present Stone City Saloon, pop-up kitchen powered by The Chef & The Dish. 

Every month, you can visit Stone City to taste the world. Chefs in Italy, Thailand, New Orleans, Spain, Brazil, Turkey and more amazing places will virtually take over the Stone City kitchen to give our local chef a bootcamp training of their local cuisine (and a couple of their local cocktails to boot). 

Virtual chefs who live around the world take over Stone City as their own virtual pop-up eatery, video conferencing in from their country to train, and check-in to see how their pop-up restaurant is coming along. Every first Sunday of the month, Stone City Saloon features a different chef from The Chef & The Dish world chef line-up and their traditional cuisine. Throughout the month, you'll get chances to meet the chef. 

One month we'll feature Creole, another month we'll explore Brazillian, the month after we'll be Northern Italian - but one thing we will always be - a place where you can come to explore, learn, meet, have amazing food and drinks, and get inspired. 

Our street in Buffalo is special. We're nestled in a community filled with people who are curious and adventurous. So, we're bringing the world to you - Stone City Saloon, great drinks, awesome music, and a world kitchen powered by The Chef & The Dish.